It doesn’t cost anything to be kind


Everyone likes to receive a compliment, whether it’s for a new haircut, a dapper outfit, skills in listening, or a job well done. On Jan. 24, take advantage of the opportunity to participate in National Compliment Day by sharing congratulatory remarks with the people around you.

Compliments motivate

If you tell someone they’re doing a great job, they just might work even harder and do an even better job. But there are tricks to doing it right, according to a Forbes article, such as waiting until it’s well deserved, being specific, and maybe even involving others.

Compliments spread happiness

Well doneMost people feel good after receiving a nice, sincere compliment. Kind words make us feel happy. And happiness can boost productivity at work. Being nice can help improve your health, too. You may feel calmer and less depressed, and might increase your feelings of self-worth.

Compliments create a positive environment


Sharing attaboys with your co-workers benefits everyone. Compliments can increase workers’ confidence and help build trust among co-workers. Receiving compliments can be as good for morale as receiving cash! Both are social rewards and have a positive effect on people.

Especially on Jan. 24, take the time to compliment someone. And on the other days of the year, do your best to spread kindness through compliments, but keep them honest and genuine. Giving out compliments too frequently can make you seem insincere. The smiles you create will make life more enjoyable for you and those you help build up. It’s like your mother told you: It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

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