Help make summer swimming safer for kids

Kids sitting by pool

With hot, sunny days approaching, swimming is the perfect way to cool down. Whether you visit your local public pool or fill up the plastic wading pool in your backyard, kids love getting on their swimsuits and being in the water. One of my favorite parts of summer as a child was strapping on my goggles and diving for various objects at the bottom of the pool.

Unfortunately, along with summer and swimming pools comes an increased amount of child tragedies. Last summer, an estimated 137 children under the age of 15 drowned in a swimming pool or hot tub. Taking safety measures and getting CPR certified can help prevent accidents. By following these guidelines, you can decrease your risk of an accident or a drowning this summer:

Be attentive:

Constant supervision is essential when your children are in the pool, hot tub, or bathtub. Even if your child has water wings, these flotation devices can easily deflate or come off. Always keep a close eye on children in or near the water whether they have flotation devices or not.

Think outside the box:

When it comes to accidents, drowning occurs in far more places than swimming pools. Children should be supervised if they’re near a well, pothole, or ditch. To be safe, never leave small children alone near a filled bucket, a liquid container, a cooler, an open toilet seat, or fast-moving water.

Know the rules:

Spend time every year before summer hits educating your children on how to be safe near the water. They should know to always swim with a friend, not to dive into a body of water they’re unfamiliar with, not to push or jump on others in the water, and to call 911 if an emergency happens. Providing your children with a basic knowledge of swimming safety can help prevent accidents.

Know their skill level:

Even if your children are in swim lessons, it’s important to keep in mind what level they’re at and what they can and can’t do in the water. Children should, however, always be cautious, smart, and supervised near water regardless of his or her swimming ability.

Does your family have a favorite public swimming pool to visit in the summer? Comment below!

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