Happy holidays from WPS!


It’s been an odd year. (I know—huge understatement!) It started out fairly normal … but turned strange when COVID-19 spread around the world. We’ve all had to adjust to limiting social interactions, wearing face coverings in public, and staying six feet away from, well, everyone.

Health professionals have tried to keep up with the latest information. At WPS, we put together information related to COVID-19 and our customers’ health coverage. The government helped out with unemployment funds and gave states money for testing and treating those who caught the virus. And finally, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is reporting on new at-home tests and some promising vaccines that are being finalized.

Studies have found that social isolation is bad for us. Yet for most holidays this year, we’ve been discouraged from gathering with large numbers of loved ones. Many of us have been keeping in touch using online video communication tools like Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, and others. Just seeing other people’s faces helps, whether for work or personal conversations.

We’ve persevered. Struggled. Made it through. Now, the holidays are here! And while it’s still not the best idea to gather together, the bonds we all share with each other should be celebrated. If you can’t physically be in the same room as your friends and family, give them a call. It’s always good to hear a familiar voice. Physically distant does not mean you can’t talk! Mail out cards. Personal notes mean more when you can’t visit. Make the effort to reach out—you’ll be glad you did.

At home, you can still decorate, make your favorite holiday recipes, and watch all the classic movies of the season. Focus on the family who live with you. Put down the smartphones and have an actual conversation. It’s also a great time to get outside and enjoy the frosty air as you go for a walk. Drop off some groceries for that elderly neighbor. Donate to a local charity. Being involved in your community might relieve some of the feelings of isolation we’ve all had this year.

However you choose to celebrate the holidays during this decidedly odd year, know that all of us at WPS wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season. Now, where did I put that cup of eggnog …

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