Find a Doctor: the easy way to locate a provider

Need to track down an in-network doctor? If you have a WPS health plan, there’s a handy tool you can access right from the home page at

When you click on the Find a Doctor link, you’re whisked to a page where you can select the appropriate path for you. If you’re a WPS customer, you’ll most likely choose the Existing Subscriber link. Once on that page, you enter your Subscriber Number, which is printed on your WPS customer ID card, along with the date of coverage. Then, click Continue.

On the next screen, you can search for a health care provider by ZIP code or by state and county. Choose the one you prefer and click Continue.

The next screen lets you narrow your search by either provider or facility. You can search for a provider by specialty or by name. A quick search of a category can also be done. When you’re ready, click Continue.

The Provider Results page lists your options based on the search criteria you entered. Before you make your final selection, make sure you are comfortable with the health care provider you have selected. We have a resource you can review on How to Choose a Doctor. If your provider is in the network and meets your needs, you’re all set.

If you have questions on how to select a health care provider, you can always call the number on your WPS customer ID card for help. Our Customer Service team can verify that the doctor you wish to see is, in fact, in the network.

To prepare for your doctor visit, you may want to review our list of Questions to Ask Your Doctor. Regular checkups are a great way to help keep you healthy and happy.

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