Tragedy reminds us of the important things in life

In the past, I’ve spoken highly of staying late at the office, meticulously planning your diet, and ensuring you’re getting in your required exercise. Though these are all things we should keep up with the majority of the time, I recently began to think otherwise. Are they really that important in the grand scheme of things?

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Holiday dinner

Holiday safety stories for you and the whole family

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it past the copious amounts of food and happy-family-fun-time of Thanksgiving, successfully avoided being trampled by crowds on Black Friday, and you’re well on your way to celebrating the holidays and a Happy New Year. But don’t utter that sigh of relief just yet. Read on for some helpful holiday safety tips!

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Kids sitting by pool

Help make summer swimming safer for kids

With hot, sunny days approaching, swimming is the perfect way to cool down. Whether you visit your local public pool or fill up the plastic wading pool in your backyard, kids love getting on their swimsuits and being in the water. One of my favorite parts of summer as a child was strapping on my goggles and diving for various objects at the bottom of the pool.

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