5 tips to healthfully navigate a holiday party

holiday party

The holiday season is a thrilling time of year filled with family gatherings and celebrations among co-workers and friends. Although festive, the holidays can be challenging for those concerned with weight loss. Being continuously surrounded by comfort foods coupled with an all-you-can-eat atmosphere must be counterbalanced with the resolve to not over-indulge and to maintain healthy eating habits. Instead of trying to lose weight, it may be more realistic to try and maintain your weight over the holidays. Here are some tips to help you and your diet safely navigate holiday parties.


When you arrive at the party, grab some water. Then, wait at least a half hour before eating. Make socializing your top priority; conversation keeps you occupied and away from the food. Relax and browse your food choices. A buffet loaded with food offers an invitation to eat all you can, which can ruin your diet plan unless you make smart choices.

Chew gum

When you want to avoid eating, chew on some sugarless gum. Gum can help you avoid snacking when you’re cooking or when you’re hanging out by the food spread.

Easy on the alcohol

Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories—especially holiday concoctions like eggnog. Cut calories by alternating water or seltzer between alcoholic beverages. Drink a glass of water before a holiday party or meal. Water helps you feel full and helps reduce overeating and overdrinking. Keep a water bottle nearby to remind yourself to keep drinking water.

Use a small plate

If there are two plate sizes, use the smaller plate (if it’s not too tiny). This creates the illusion of having more food.

Be selective

Go ahead, be choosy. Look over the food selection for the items you like best and skip the dishes that are available anytime. You don’t have to sample everything on the buffet, so choose your personal holiday favorites, then sit down and enjoy every mouthful. Once you fill your plate, move away from the buffet to avoid grazing.

What other strategies or tricks do you use to avoid excess calories during the holidays? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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