WPS behind the scenes: Testimonials and commercials

A testimonial? What’s that? Well, it’s a fancy word for someone talking about their personal experience with something. In this instance, we’re talking about what our customers and employees say about our company, WPS Health Insurance.

We use testimonials in our advertising materials because we believe it’s important for people to hear what our customers think. You like a second opinion before you buy something, right? This is one way we provide that. You’ll find testimonials in our printed pieces, like brochures and letters, as well as online and, of course, on TV.

You may have seen some of our Medicare supplement TV commercials or visited wpshealth.com or wpscares.com and seen our videos there. We love to hear stories from our customers about their experiences with WPS Health Insurance and their coverage. The folks who appear in our videos are not paid and their responses aren’t scripted. We simply ask them to tell their story on camera. It sounds simple, but there’s a lot of work that goes into it.

The beginning

Rick in his home with video equipment set up.
Rick, a WPS Medicare supplement customer since 2018, shared his story with us in April 2019.

It all starts with a phone call. Our enthusiastic Medicare supplement insurance customers call and talk with a WPS representative in our Customer Support area. They share how much they appreciate the coverage and rave about our service and the benefits included in their plan. Some of them get referred to our Marketing Department for a follow-up conversation.

The candidates get a phone call, we ask them a few questions about their experience with WPS, and then we ask if they would be willing to do a video shoot with us. If they agree, we set up a time and date for that.

Then the fun part happens.

The middle

We meet up with our customer, set up our video equipment, and get the customer a lapel microphone. Then, we record them as they talk about their WPS Medicare supplement insurance. Some customers like that there’s hardly any paperwork. Others like that we’re a local Wisconsin company. Most of them also say very nice things about their agents and our caring customer support. We ask a few questions, but mostly they just tell their stories. We take some still photos to use in print, and then we return to the office.

WPS employees talk at a table.
Jordan and Steve, two of our WPS Medicare supplement insurance sales consultants, shared why they enjoy helping seniors get the right health coverage back in May 2019.

Sometimes, we also talk with employees. Our Sales team, for example, is really passionate about getting seniors the right coverage. They like to talk (I mean, they’re salespeople, right?). When a customer talks to one of them, our Sales consultant will ask questions to get a feel for the kind of Medicare supplement insurance coverage that fits that customer’s lifestyle. Each Sales team member wants to ensure every customer ends up with the right health plan. They’re smart people who can answer your questions about Medicare, so we like to get their testimonials sometimes, too.

The end

After the video shoot, we go back and our Marketing Department gets to work. We edit the video, get a transcript made, choose quotes to use in our advertising, and produce a variety of media. The testimonials are used in print, online, on social media, on TV.

And then we do it all over again.

WPS multimedia team in their studio.
The award-winning WPS multimedia team added two silver Telly Awards to its collection in 2020.

Want to share your story?

If you love your WPS coverage and want to share your story on camera, please email us at wpsblog@wpsic.com and provide your contact information (name, phone number, and email address) so we can follow up with you.

Visit our wpscares.com page to see our videos.

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