Surround yourself with support

supportive community

When taking on any new behavioral change, challenges are expected. I feel one of the most important keys to keeping these challenges from crippling your goals is to surround yourself with support. Support can come in many forms, all of which can be effective tools to your success if used appropriately.

Let your goals be known

Not everyone wants to share personal goals with the world, but anytime you can make more people aware of the changes you are taking on, it will provide that additional support. Change a habit by setting goals, and then let key people in your life in on it.

Encourage competition

Some people are more competitive than others. If you’re the competitive type, creating a competitive atmosphere may help you stick with your behavior change. It could be as simple as setting a monthly mileage standard; we are currently doing a challenge of this nature in my department at work. Since I am an extremely competitive individual, a bit of harmless interoffice competition is just what I needed to help get me back into a physical activity routine.

Explore social media

Social media has taken over our lives. You can bet there are plenty of options when it comes to assistance with behavior changes. Forums, online tracker communities, or just “following” and “liking” pages related to your goals can provide the extra support for individuals.

The moral here is that you are more likely to give up quicker if you’re the only one to let down. Thinking about a change? Surround yourself with as many support outlets as you can and watch your chances of success go up!

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