Thanksgiving dinner

Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving signals the opening day of a season of overeating, stress, and inactivity. Typically, this season doesn’t end until well after we ring in the New Year. So, let’s do it differently this year! This Thanksgiving, start making smarter choices about what you eat and pick portion sizes to help you avoid gaining weight this holiday season.

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Think Christmas in the Summer

I love the Holidays! But I don’t love the stress that comes with them. Christmas is five months away, and now is a great time to do some advance planning. Before the back-to-school shopping kicks in or the end of summer Labor Day parties are here, think about the winter holiday season. So get yourself a cool beverage and take a visit to the Ghost of Christmas Past and perhaps change Christmas Future for the better.

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Holiday dinner

Holiday safety stories for you and the whole family

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it past the copious amounts of food and happy-family-fun-time of Thanksgiving, successfully avoided being trampled by crowds on Black Friday, and you’re well on your way to celebrating the holidays and a Happy New Year. But don’t utter that sigh of relief just yet. Read on for some helpful holiday safety tips!

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