WPS can help you stick with your New Year’s Resolutions!

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Back at the beginning of January, you promised yourself you’d behave. You’d be good. You’d eat better. You’d lose weight. You’d get more exercise.

Now it’s February, and all those good intentions are fading like the afterglow of the New Year’s celebration.

Buck up, buttercup! WPS Health Insurance offers the programs you need to get your fitness goals back in gear. Our health plans include options to make working out easier on your wallet (so you have fewer excuses).

Fitness programs

WPS individual and group health plans offer the Active&Fit Direct™ program1 to make fitness center membership more affordable. You can choose from more than 9,000 participating fitness centers nationwide for only $25 a month (plus a $25 enrollment fee and applicable taxes). An online directory provides maps and a locator for fitness centers near you. Check out our information sheet to find out how to enroll in this money-saving program. There’s a three-month commitment, but after that, participation is on a month-to-month basis.

WPS group health plan customers might also have access to ExerciseRewards®1, our fitness reimbursement program. When you work out 10 times or more per month at an acceptable fitness center, you can receive up to a $30 reward each month. This program works in tandem with Active&Fit Direct, so you can double up on your benefits! See our online sheet for more information on how this works.

Our more experienced customers with a WPS Medicare supplement insurance plan can take advantage of two great programs2 to help them reach their fitness goals. The first is the Silver&Fit® Exercise and Healthy Aging Program. At no extra cost, this program gives you a fitness center or select YMCA exercise center membership. You can check out silverandfit.com for a complete list of participating locations. The second is the ChooseHealthy® program, which offers discounts on services from 66,000 specialty health care practitioners. It also offers online health classes at no extra cost, plus discounts on products from popular health and fitness brands.

Live your best life

As you can see, WPS offers ways for all of our customers to make healthier lifestyle choices. Don’t feel bad if your workout went off the rails around the second week of January. You can still get it back on track and reach your health and fitness goals. Before you start any fitness program, talk to your doctor.

1The Active&Fit Direct and ExerciseRewards programs are provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Incorporated (ASH). Active&Fit Direct and ExerciseRewards and the Active&Fit Direct logo are trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein.

2Fitness, vision, hearing, and wellness programs are not part of the insurance policy, are offered at no additional charge, and can be changed or discontinued at any time. For the most current listing of fitness centers or select YMCA locations, please view the online directory by visiting silverandfit.com. Services that call for an added fee are not part of the Silver&Fit® program. The Silver&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc. The ChooseHealthy® program is provided by ChooseHealthy, Inc. Both are subsidiaries of American Specialty Health Incorporated (ASH), a national provider of fitness, health education, musculoskeletal provider networks, and health management programs. Silver&Fit and ChooseHealthy are registered trademarks of ASH and used with permission herein. The Silver&Fit and ChooseHealthy programs are not included with Medicare supplement cost-sharing plans.

This is an advertisement for insurance. Neither Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation nor its agents are connected with the federal Medicare program.
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    • Hi, Judy. Thank you for your question. Our health plans vary in coverage of hearing benefits. Your best bet is to call us at 800-332-1398 for individual health plans or 800-236-1448 for Medicare supplement plans.

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