Take advantage of local produce: Farmers’ market season is here!

Local, seasonal produce

Are you looking for fresh fruits and vegetables to add to your dinner menu? Local farmers’ markets can offer the finest and freshest fruits, vegetables, plants, and artisan goods. The local market here in Madison is truly a sight to see, attracting thousands of people every Saturday; the entire capitol square is blocked off and lined with local vendors whose booths are full of the freshest products.

Typically, the first markets of the season take place in early April and run through early November. Of course the variety of produce changes as the weeks progress and different crops are harvested; from flower bulbs, seeds, and syrups in the spring to corn, squash, spinach, and pumpkins as the season wraps up in fall. Each week offers a new assortment that will keep you coming back!

Another benefit of shopping at the local farmers’ market is the comfort in knowing where the products come from and what chemicals, or lack thereof, were applied to them. A lot of the produce that lines the aisles at the grocery store are grown far away and can be heavily treated with commercial pesticides and fertilizers.  Farmers’ market booths are often staffed by the farmers themselves, which allows you the opportunity to ask questions about the different products—something that is not available at your typical grocery store.

Keeping things local helps fellow community businesses and farmers flourish while keeping you and your family healthy. Give your local market a try. Chances are you won’t be disappointed!

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