6 holiday gift ideas for fitness fanatics

Sporty couple running in winter

It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s out looking for last-minute gifts, attempting to cross everyone off their list. If you have someone on your list that enjoys fitness or is looking for some extra motivation, then here are some great fitness-oriented gifts. Take a deep breath, relax, and see if you’re inspired by any of the ideas below. All of these can be found on Amazon.com and the sites linked to below. Your favorite local fitness retailer might also have similar items available. Prices listed are approximate.

1) Foam roller ($20)

If you know someone who works out regularly and complains about the wear and tear on his body, help him out with a foam roller. These cylindrical pads are a great alternative to traditional massage and promote muscle relaxation. Your friend will think of you highly as the pain melts away. Who could ask for more?

2) Home pull-up bar and resistance bands ($40)

For some people, getting to the gym can be challenging. Home pull-up bars and resistance bands require very little space in your home and are a great way to build a functional, fit body.

3) Yoga mat ($17)

If your friend or family member is into yoga or has at least mentioned it, a deluxe yoga mat makes a great present. They come in plenty of great colors, too.

4) Athletic shoes ($80)

A nice pair of athletic shoes is a gift that keeps on giving. When people exercise in the wrong footwear, it can lead to injuries and increased discomfort in muscles and joints. Most fitness enthusiasts have a favorite brand and style, so be sure to do some recon prior to purchasing. My personal favorite is the Nike Pegasus.

5) Reflective vest ($25)

Does someone in your family like to do their running at night? With safety and comfort in mind, a reflective vest will keep them going long after the sun sets. It’s lightweight, comfy, and offers 360-degree visibility up to 1,200 feet.

6) Nike+ FuelBand ($195)

Though a bit costly, this is a great gift for those tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts. The Nike+ Watches are sporty and monitor daily activities like walking, jogging, playing basketball, and dancing. You can sync one up to your computer to easily track progress.

When you’ve taken care of your friends and family, don’t forget about your own fitness goals. You can check out loads of information on health and fitness in the WPS Health Center to help keep you healthy in the new year.

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