5 ways to have a healthier barbeque


Let’s barbeque! It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to get the grill out from storage, buy charcoal and lighter fluid, or make sure the gas tank is full. Grilling is a great way to spend more time outdoors and stay clear of a hot kitchen.

Before you start grilling, consider these tips to help you and your family enjoy the barbeque season healthy and safe.

  1. Marinate your meat. The most important aspect of healthy grilling is marinating the meat. Not only does marinating pack flavor, but it also reduces the carcinogens hiding in the meat. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, marinating meat can decrease carcinogens by up to 96%. That’s a lot!
  1. Hit the right temperature. Another important tip is grilling at the right temperature to help reduce the chance of foodborne illnesses and decrease the percentage of carcinogens. A safe temperature to grill meat at is about 325 degrees. You may want to get a meat thermometer to ensure your meat is cooked properly.
  1. Add alcohol. It’s commonly known that red wine is full of antioxidants, and cooking with it can carry over in your marinades. Marinating with red wine for six hours before grilling decreases the number of carcinogens–40% fewer than in beef that wasn’t marinated.
  1. Grill your veggies. Grilled vegetables are a healthy addition to any meal and they can even serve as a main course on kebabs. Asparagus drizzled with olive oil and garlic is one of my favorites in the summer.
  1. Pop it in the microwave. Before you grill, microwave your meat for one to two minutes at medium power to help decrease carcinogens. Don’t forgot to throw out the carcinogen-packed juices afterward!

Check out AllRecipes.com for lots of healthy, mouthwatering barbeque and grilling recipes that are sure to have your family asking for seconds. Find a recipe that sounds delicious and enjoy!

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