Six ways to stay financially safe with Alzheimer’s

Editor’s note: Today, Your Health Matters features a guest blog post from Lydia Chan, a writer who works for in Tacoma, WA.

When it comes to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to prepare in advance. Studies indicate the cost of treatment for Alzheimer’s is widely variable. Treatment costs can depend on many factors, including family involvement, length of care, severity of illness, and other present health conditions that can complicate a diagnosis. Here are six ways to help you stay financially secure when dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.Read Article

two women walking

When is walking better than running?

People often think in order to see major changes in weight or improvements in health they need to take up running or jump right into some sort of vigorous activity. Depending on your fitness goals, limitations, and exercise experience, this may not be the answer for you. If vigorous activity is not for you, consider walking. It’s a great activity. If done consistently for the recommended duration, walking can be healthier than its more vigorous counterpart: running.

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Stressed out

Take a vacation from summertime stress

Countless things can cause stress in our lives. Perhaps your team didn’t do so well in the final series. Maybe your boss tacked on another project. Events, both small and large, can add a tremendous amount of stress in a short amount of time. Summer fun may help some shake the stress, but for others, the stress stays for the season.

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Read your way to lower stress

Many people have stress in their lives. There are many signs of stress. How people deal with this stress varies among individuals and situations. Some people enjoy exercising to relieve stress, while others get massages, listen to music, or participate in some sort of prayer. I recently rediscovered that reading helps me relieve stress.

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studded bike tire

Exercising through the spring thaw

Spring will eventually show itself. When it does, it is common to get a unique urge, the urge to get out and exercise! It is typical to see an influx of what I like to call “fair weather exercisers” on the first nice day of late winter or spring. I want to encourage you to get out and enjoy the nice spring weather. However, it is important to use caution when taking your activities outdoors, especially during the spring thaw.

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