two women walking

When is walking better than running?

People often think in order to see major changes in weight or improvements in health they need to take up running or jump right into some sort of vigorous activity. Depending on your fitness goals, limitations, and exercise experience, this may not be the answer for you. If vigorous activity is not for you, consider walking. It’s a great activity. If done consistently for the recommended duration, walking can be healthier than its more vigorous counterpart: running.

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women walking

How walking can keep you healthy

Without the luxury of a vehicle, 8-a.m. obligations leave a guy in a tough situation. Do I hit the snooze, condemning myself to an unyielding sprint to my destination? Never. Summer is here and underarm sweat is still out of style. Instead, I am forced to get up in plenty of time to walk to school or work. While some days my walk is slow-paced and pleasant, other times it is rushed and a bit more hectic. Either way, my daily form of transportation not only reliably gets me to my destination, it also provides me with the exercise I need to stay healthy.

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