Short-term health insurance is for life’s little transitions

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Life can be crazy sometimes and you don’t always know what to expect, particularly with your health. If you find yourself without health insurance, it’s not generally a good idea to cross your fingers, drink more orange juice, and hope you don’t get sick. There are other ways to get covered and regain your peace of mind.

In a previous post about what to do about health insurance if you lose your job, we wrote about COBRA continuation coverage as a health insurance option if you were to lose your job. But there’s another option: short-term health insurance.

Who uses it?

Short-term health insurance is typically used by the following:

  • Recent college graduates
  • Part-time and temporary employees
  • People between jobs who are looking for an affordable alternative to COBRA
  • New employees waiting for health benefits to begin
  • Recent retirees waiting for Medicare eligibility

What is it?

Short-term health insurance, also known as temporary insurance, is health insurance for when you are in transition. Typically, short-term health insurance provides instant, temporary coverage with comprehensive medical and hospital benefits. When it says “temporary,” that means you can get coverage from 30 up to 364 days, depending on the details of the plan. However, short-term health insurance isn’t renewable. Once the coverage period is done, you’ll need to look for long-term health insurance or other options.

Short-term health insurance is perfect for when you need time to work out your options but you don’t want to be left without coverage. With instant protection, you can sometimes get coverage starting the next day!

WPS offers an Instant Protection Plan that provides comprehensive coverage from 30 to 185 days. For more information, check out the WPS Instant Protection Plan brochure or visit our website at .

If you need coverage during a transition, put down that extra glass of orange juice and pick up short-term health insurance instead.

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