Mobile apps offer new ways to efficiently manage your health care

Mobile appsAccording to a recent study conducted by a phone app company, the average person checks his or her phone 110 times per day or at least 6-7 times per hour.

I know I am a frequent phone-checker. Phones make communicating easier and offer more than just calls and texting. For instance, how many mobile phone apps do you have? I have quite a few: Starbucks®, Target®, Snapchat, LinkedIn®, Pandora®, and more!

And while I firmly believe my Starbucks® app is of utmost importance, I hadn’t thought much about “health and wellness apps.” Have you? Turns out, there are apps for that.

WPS partners with Express Scripts to provide pharmacy benefit management to members who have the Express Scripts drug benefit option in their plan.

Guess what?

Express Scripts now offers a mobile application for you and your family to access and keep track of personal medications information, order refills, set reminders, look up side effects with the drug interaction checker, access your virtual member ID card, and more!

The app also offers Pharmacy Care Alerts that notify you when you are running low on medications and when it’s time to refill prescriptions. It’s a pretty great service for a pharmacy benefit management group to offer on-the-go individuals and families.

Members can download the app from the PlayStore for Android devices or the App Store for iPhone® and sign in using the username and password already created from their online Express Scripts account.

The app is compatible with most phones. For more information, you can check out our Express Scripts page from the WPS website. Or take the feature tour and download the Express Scripts mobile app.

You know who else offers a mobile app? Delta Dental!

WPS also partners with Delta Dental of Wisconsin—the largest dental benefits provider in the state, featuring more than 90% of Wisconsin dental practitioners. And wouldn’t you know it; they offer a mobile app from the Android PlayStore or iPhone® App Store, too!

Delta Dental’s mobile app gives you access to the dentist search tool, claims and coverage information, and your virtual member ID card too. They even offer a “toothbrush timer” that plays music and countdowns the dentist-recommended two-minute brushing time.

So if Express Scripts and Delta Dental offer these great apps, what other apps could you use to efficiently manage your health care and insurance?

Leave a comment with an app you’ve heard of or actively use! We might make it the subject of our next blog post!

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