Hand holding water bottle

Proper hydration is important for your health

Hydration is often overlooked in the realm of wellness. The main reason is that most people consume enough of it naturally in their diet through either the food or drinks they consume. The body is able to subconsciously regulate its hydration level by creating impulses such as cravings for certain foods or, as dehydration sets in, symptoms like dry mouth, headache, dizziness, and cramps.

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Dr. Right

“Paging Dr. Right!” How to research, find, and evaluate potential doctors to meet your medical match (Part 2)

Hello again! Last week, we posted Part 1 of an article with strategies to help you meet your medical match—a good doctor you can trust through every stage of life. These included determining what type of doctor you need, searching for prospective doctors, and checking a doctor’s credentials. Today, we’ll talk about what happens next—from interviewing prospective providers to evaluating your relationship during and after your first visit.

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