Woman confused about health insurance jargon

Know your health insurance jargon

Do you know your copay from your coinsurance? How about the difference between your out-of-pocket limit and your deductible? There’s no doubt about it—health insurance is complicated. It has its own language and you can get lost if you aren’t aware of what the jargon means. Take some time to learn the lingo so you don’t panic when you have a question. Let’s walk through a few more common health insurance terms to help you understand your health coverage better.

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Clown shoes

Clowns vs. HDHPs

There’s no doubt about it, if you ask me—clowns are creepy. Over the past few months, they’ve been popping up in unsettling places around America. Along isolated country roads. In dark alleys. Hanging out in cemeteries. Social media sites have been filled with scary clown pictures. Twitter hashtags for #scaryclown, #killerclown, #creepyclown, and more have been all the rage. And Ronald McDonald is laying low.

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More and more small companies are choosing self-funded group health plans

481723004.jpgSelf-funded group health plans, also referred to as administrative services only (ASO) or self-insured plans, have been an option for larger employers for years. But with group health plan costs continuing to rise under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), self-funding is now appealing to smaller employers as well. Why? Because self-funded plans are exempt from many of the Affordable Care Act’s requirements, and because there’s a chance they may save some money.

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Health insurance terminology for Millennials

86479652.jpgIf you were born between about 1980 and about 2000, you fall into the Millennial generation. If you were born in the earlier end of this time frame, you’re now in your mid-30s. You’ve likely had health insurance for a few years. But if you were born in the middle of the range or toward the end of it, a health plan is probably not something you’ve thought about much. Or at all.

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