Tragedy reminds us of the important things in life

In the past, I’ve spoken highly of staying late at the office, meticulously planning your diet, and ensuring you’re getting in your required exercise. Though these are all things we should keep up with the majority of the time, I recently began to think otherwise. Are they really that important in the grand scheme of things?

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job loss

What to do about health insurance if you lose your job

It used to be there was only one option available if you lost your job-based health insurance: get COBRA continuation coverage. Now, if you find yourself without the health insurance benefits from a job, you also have other options: get an individual plan on or off the Marketplace.

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World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day

redc crossWorld Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, May 8, marks more than 150 years of Red Cross humanitarian efforts around the globe. May 8 is the birthday of International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement founder, Henry Dunant and it is on this day that we recognize the local and global impact of the Red Cross mission. Here in the U.S., the American Red Cross has been helping people in communities large and small for more than 130 years.

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