Quit smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking

Have you tried, or thought about, quitting smoking? From watching different family members try to quit in the past, I know how difficult it can be. Even though there are other treatments to help people quit smoking, such as vaccines and acupuncture, it still takes a lot of strength and determination to quit. I was so excited and relieved when my dad quit smoking years ago because I knew he would be able to live a healthy life to the fullest.

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stay hydrated

Stay hydrated to stave off the afternoon crash

Whether you’re grinding out the work day until 5 p.m. or spending the day out in the sun, if you’re like me, you succumb to the dreaded 2:30 crash. Don’t mistake this post as an endorsement of the latest and greatest fresh-brewed technology or for that of a wonder-shot toting cowboy. There is actually a great, usually free way to stave off the afternoon yawns. Adequate hydration throughout the day helps keep your body operating smoothly and can keep you feeling refreshed.

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Stressed out

Take a vacation from summertime stress

Countless things can cause stress in our lives. Perhaps your team didn’t do so well in the final series. Maybe your boss tacked on another project. Events, both small and large, can add a tremendous amount of stress in a short amount of time. Summer fun may help some shake the stress, but for others, the stress stays for the season.

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Stay hydrated this summer

Good hydrationSummer is typically a time where most of your free hours are spent taking part in outdoor activities. Spending time at the beach, golfing, bicycling, or taking a leisurely stroll around the block are all great summer activities. But even the simplest activities can become dangerous if you are not careful. In the summer, it is important to stay hydrated.

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happy seniors relaxing

The 65+ crowd has lots of health insurance options

Medicare Part A. Medicare Part B. Medicare Advantage. Medicare supplement plans. Prescription drug plans. An employer’s group health plan. A retiree plan from a previous employer. The health insurance choices for people age 65 and older can seem daunting. How do you sort them all out? Which plan or combination of plans is best for you? There are lots of questions, but WPS is here to help.

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Read your way to lower stress

Many people have stress in their lives. There are many signs of stress. How people deal with this stress varies among individuals and situations. Some people enjoy exercising to relieve stress, while others get massages, listen to music, or participate in some sort of prayer. I recently rediscovered that reading helps me relieve stress.

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The best weight-management apps

The days of recording your daily calories and activities in a journal or food log are over. Technology has grown by leaps and bounds during the last 10 years with no imaginable end in sight. Nowadays, there is no need to lug around huge journals or to research nutritional menus to see how many calories you ate for lunch. There’s an app for that.

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job loss

What to do about health insurance if you lose your job

It used to be there was only one option available if you lost your job-based health insurance: get COBRA continuation coverage. Now, if you find yourself without the health insurance benefits from a job, you also have other options: get an individual plan on or off the Marketplace.

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Health Insurance Exchanges

The Marketplace: Another way to buy health insurance

Beginning Oct. 1, 2013, individuals and small businesses can shop for health plans that go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014, through insurance Marketplaces, also called exchanges, in each state. People will still be able to purchase insurance directly from an insurance company or through a broker. The Marketplaces simply offer a new option. They are intended to increase the size of the insured pool to spread out risk and keep costs stable.

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healthcare marketplace

Subsidies help make Marketplace health insurance more affordable

Beginning in 2014, if you are a single person making less than $44,680 annually (in 2012 dollars) or have a family of four that makes less than $92,200 per year (in 2012 dollars), and your employer doesn’t offer affordable coverage, you may be able to get some help paying for your health insurance premium.

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